Children with DS have a specific learning profile, not simply a global learning delay. Over the recent years there has been significant research in how best to use the child’s strengths to optimise learning.

We have compiled a The Voice of the Child fact sheet with some key points to consider when working with a child with DS.

Reading is generally a strength for children with DS. They learn to read by recognising the whole word rather than decoding phonetically. Phonics are still an important part of learning for speech sounds & for decoding as reading skills develop. There are several schemes available from Down Syndrome Education International to guide you through this process.

Numeracy is an area which children with DS typically find difficult due to the abstract nature of numbers. The use of a multi sensory resource, such as Numicon, is highly recommended to help children ‘see how numbers work’.

CDSSG offer education settings a variety of training courses that help to unlock the potential of children with Down’s Syndrome. Please click here To see what is available.


Recommended Resources

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