I have poor ligament/muscle tone

  • Sitting is difficult for me
  • It takes me longer to react

Learning from listening is hard for me

  • Use visual techniques to help me learn

I don’t learn independently

  • Please show me or even better get other children to show me!

Give me some space please

  • I need time to think on my own
  • Let me day dream for a minute or 2, other children do!

Don’t look at me all the time

  • I’d rather you looked at my work than my face

Help my TA be a bridge builder

  • I don’t need a shadow, I need someone to help me overcome my learning difficulties
  • Help me work on my own so I can learn by my mistakes

Remember my assessed mental age takes no account of my life’s experiences

  • There are some things I’m am better at than others, just like you!