People with DS do not have any medical conditions which are unique to Down’s syndrome. Any condition a person with DS may have is also seen in the general population. There are some conditions which people with DS may be more likely to experience.

The group is very fortunate to have close links with many health professionals, one of whom has devised a Top Tips for Professionals who work with people with DS.

If you are a maternity professional or Health Visitor & would like more information or one of our new parent information packs please contact us on

The national Down’s Syndrome Association has created an excellent series of publications to assist GP’s in understanding common conditions people with DS experience. These can be found at

As part this series there is also a comprehensive Health book for people with DS to use. This is available to download at

East Cheshire NHS Trust have created some photo journeys for typical medical appointments, these can be found at

For more detailed medical information about DS please refer to the DSMIG website. DSMIG are a network of doctors whose aim is to ensure equitable provision of medical care for all people with Down syndrome in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

There is a condition called Atlanto-axial Instability or AAI. This condition results in excessive movement of the vertebrae at the top of the spine & a risk of damaging the spinal cord. People with DS are at an increased risk of having this condition. The British Gymnastics organisation has produced a useful leaflet which includes an assessment form to be completed by a doctor. This form isoften required before a person can take part in certain sporting activities.…/3636-atlanto-axial-information-pack