CDSSG have agreed to purchase an annual retainer with Irwin Mitchell LLP to provide with legal support by email and telephone on any issue falling within the scope of the retainer provided that each issue for which support is requested can be dealt with in less than 30 minutes.

The types of issues covered under this retainer are issues covered by the public law team. A non-exhaustive list is set out below:

Queries about medical treatment, including:

o          Refusal by the NHS to provide medical treatment, or to prescribe a particular drug; and

o          End of life treatment and care – e.g. disputes about whether the client should receive life-sustaining treatment, or whether a person should be in hospital or at home at the end of their life

Under the terms of this retainer, Irwin Mitchell are only authorised to speak with Julie Duff of CDSSG or another member of staff as nominated by Julie. They are unable to speak with individual parents and families unless a separate funding agreement is entered into which can be discussed depending on the facts of an individual case.

If you wish to access this service then please contact CDSSG initially via this email address